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This package includes: 1. 57 two- piece pool cue billiard sticks with bag chalks 12 jointed 2. 57 pool cue billiards sticks with bag chalks 12 jointed 3. 12 jointed pool cue billiard sticks with bag chalks 15 pack 4. 15 pack pool cue billiards sticks with bag chalks 12 jointed 5. 12 jointed pool cue billiards sticks with bag chalks 15 pack 6.


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Zerox Billiards

The 57 billiards house bar cues are designed to add some fun and excitement to your game of billiards. With their wooden cues, you can play your game with more control and an edge. this billiards equipment is designed for use in a concrete or steel pool. It includes a graphite billiardsi. Biz cue stick and two 2-pice fiberglass graphite pool cues. The equipment is made of 18-21 oz. Of billiardsi. Biz graphite pool cues and is designed to play into the late 20's and early 30's time zone. the zero-x pool cue is the perfect way to start your day. Thiscue billiard stick with case is perfect for when you want to take your pool playing to the next level. With itsmetallic titanium blue diamond design, this pool cue is sure to make your day. the mcdermott lucky l28 pool cues are a great way to add a little bit of excitement to your playing area. These cues are made with the mcdermott logo in relief on the cue body and are available in black. They are in stock and will be available soon.